Three Signs Your Hot Tub Needs Some Maintenance

30 September 2022
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A Hot tub is a fun addition you can add to your home, and it also provides a way to relax your muscles and truly calm down after a long week of work or study. They are also undoubtedly the life of any party that you would host at your home and as such can get a lot of use which might cause them to start to wear a little. Fixing minor problems as they arise is crucial so your hot tub does not fall into major disrepair, so here are a few signs that you should be looking for that you should then call a professional to come and fix.

Heating No Longer Responsive

As a hot tub owner, it is important that once the heating starts to become unresponsive, or slow to respond, that you consider calling a hot tub maintenance contractor. After all, without the heating feature, it becomes little more than a small pool or a large bath. Heating can be damaged in a number of ways, but mostly it will come down to aging components that need to be switched out. This can be quite a simple fix, but it will not happen on its own and will gradually get worse if you do not call a professional.

Bad Odors

It is inevitable that some amount of dirt and bacteria is going to get washed into your hot tub with so many people using it, but the filters in your hot tub and the chemicals that you use to keep it hygienic should prevent bad smells. If they do not prevent bad odors and you notice that this is becoming a common problem, then there could be an issue with your filter or some other aspect of your hot tub that you need to fix. Do not get into a hot tub that smells bad as it is likely quite full of bacteria that haven't been killed that could make you sick.

Minor Leaks

Obviously, when someone sees a lot of water leaking out of their hot tub, they will call for repairs, but often when it is only a small amount, many people feel comfortable leaving it as it is. This is not good reasoning, as small leaks can become big leaks quite quickly and any kind of loss of the internal structure of the hot tub should be cause for alarm as water could be running through the electrical components of your hot tub. If you notice leaking, get out of your hot tub and make sure you get it fully inspected and repaired. 

Call a hot tub maintenance professional for more assistance.