Useful Measures To Take When Dealing With Inground Pool Leak Detection

11 August 2022
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If you have an inground swimming pool, it's important to keep an eye out for leaks. They can happen over time and cost quite a bit of money if they go undetected for a long time. That's why if you suspect a leak, you should take these leak detection measures as soon as possible.

Make Sure Leak Isn't Just Due to Evaporation 

When it gets really hot outside, some of the water in your pool is naturally going to evaporate. This can slightly lower the water levels. For this reason, you want to look into this issue further to make sure you don't actually have a leak that's causing water to exit the pool somewhere.

Something that you can easily do is simply monitor the water levels over a period of time, such as several weeks. If the water levels continue to go down consistently, that's a clear indication of a leak and not just hot temperatures.

Understand Common Areas Where Leaks Can Develop 

If you do suspect your pool is losing water because of a leak, you'll want to pinpoint the source so that you know what area to repair as quickly as possible. Finding the source of the leak is possible if you understand common leak points for your exact inground pool.

Some pools are more prone to leaking around the perimeter and then other pools have a tendency of developing cracks on the bottom where water can get through. You just need to understand your pool's exact properties and potentially consult with a pool repair expert. Then you'll know what areas to examine for potential leaks.

Utilize Ultrasound Technology if Necessary

Sometimes, it's hard to identify the source of a leak just by examining the pool. The structural damage may be so slight that you can't pick it up with just your eyes. In this case, you may want to utilize ultrasound technology for effective pool leak detection.

It helps detect particular sounds that leaks are known for making in pools. If you don't have the means of renting said equipment or using it competently, then just hire a professional pool repair company.

The moment you suspect that your inground pool is leaking, you need to start implementing sound leak detection methods. That's the only way you're going to identify the leak source and have it repaired promptly before you eventually lose a lot of water and have more severe complications. 

Contact a company that offers pool leak detection services to learn more.