Repairs That Your Pool's Components May Require

8 March 2022
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Your swimming pool will rely on a number of different components to function. Over time, these parts can start to suffer significant problems that may prevent them from working correctly. In addition to impacting your ability to use the pool, these problems can eventually result in major components needing to be replaced.

Faulty Heating System

Many modern swimming pools will have heating systems that can keep the water at a comfortable temperature when it is cool outside. Unfortunately, this is a part of the pool system that may be the most vulnerable to suffering failures. When this component starts to fail, you may notice that the pool is significantly cooler than what you had set. If this problem is due to heating elements failing, the problem is likely to start fairly minor and worsen as an increasing number of the heating elements start to fail.

Pump Failures

The pump is a critical part of the pool as it will circulate and filter the water that is in it. However, the pump can suffer significant failures that may be able to prevent them from working effectively. This is particularly common for homeowners that may not be diligent when it comes to the maintenance needs of their pool pump or the steps for safely winterizing it. Any problems with the pump can quickly lead to significant water quality problems for the pool. Without effectively circulating, chlorine and other sanitizing chemicals may not be properly distributed throughout the water. As a result, problems with the pump should always be treated as an urgent matter to repair. Furthermore, prompt repairs may also be able to limit the problem from worsening, which can potentially save you from the need to have the entire pool replaced.

Problems With The Lighting For The Pool 

Lighting in and around the pool can be an important safety feature as it can reduce the risk of a person accidentally falling into the water. While these lights are normally fairly reliable, they can suffer significant problems that could lead to them failing to work. In addition to the light simply being unable to turn on, you may also find that compromised lighting can flicker. Luckily, these components can be among the more affordable pieces of the pool to have repaired as the issue will typically be related to the light itself or the fixture. If the faulty lighting component is below the waterline, it may be necessary to remove some of the water so that the enclosure can be accessed by the repair contractor.

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