Designs For Pool Refurbishment To Create A New Space Before Summer

11 January 2022
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If your old pool is looking worn, it might be time to update it before the summer arrives. You might want to consider various designs when you are refurbishing your pool. There are options like changing the pool surface or adding water features to the design of your pool. The following pool refurbishment design ideas can help create the perfect summer oasis for your home before summer arrives:

Ideas to Change the Look of Your Pool Deck

One of the areas where you might want to start with your pool refurbishment project is the deck that surrounds it. The pool deck is the paved surface that surrounds your pool, and it is often a type of pavement like concrete. One great way to update the pool deck area is to use stone pavers, which can improve the appearance of your pool with a custom design. In addition to stone pavers, there are also options for porous pavements, which can give your pool a custom design and make it safer for summer enjoyment. 

Resurfacing Your Pool with a New Look 

The surface inside your pool is another area where you might want to consider improvements during your refurbishment project. Today, there are many options that you might want to consider to give your pool surface a new custom look. Options that you might want to consider when adding a new custom surface to your pool include:

  • Custom plaster with unique design elements
  • Retiling your pool with custom mosaics and unique features
  • Glass and other custom pool surface materials

There are also other options when updating your pool surfaces, such as adding natural stone to the design. If you want your pool to have more of a custom look, you might also want to consider combining these different pool surface materials to create a unique look. 

Water Features to Add to the Design of Your Pool 

Another great option you might consider for your pool refurbishment project is a water feature. There are several options that you might want to do for these water features, including:

  • Adding custom waterfalls to the renovations
  • Installing practical streams with natural filtration
  • Building a custom beach area for your pool design 

Some of these water features can even be integrated into some of the design features of your pool. You can also do things like adding water slides or grottos that can be integrated into the design of the water features. 

When you are ready to plan a new design for your outdoor space before summer, contact a pool refurbishment service to discuss some of these ideas for the new design.