5 Must-Have Features Of Luxury Pools

3 November 2021
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Are you looking for the perfect pool for your custom home? A luxury pool forms the ideal home improvement project and is almost a must-have feature for any luxury home. It is the ideal spot for quality social time with family and friends. Luxury pools are defined by their offer of a premium experience from additional features. For example, if there is an unexpected chill, a poolside fire pit keeps guests warm and prolongs the experience. What are the most desirable features of luxury swimming pools?

Pool Lighting

Pool lighting makes the pool area stand out in the evenings and nights, highlighting the pool's features and accessories. Besides the visual value, lights make the pool useful at night, enabling more poolside fun during balmy summer evenings.

You can get as creative as you want with pool lighting. RGB LED lights offer hundreds of changeable color combinations to match light levels and changing ambiance. In addition, you can have a lighting designer make custom designs on the pool floor and walls.

Automatic Pool  Cover

An automatic pool cover is essential for a swimming pool, although it is a compulsory safety feature in some areas. An automatic cover reduces pool maintenance costs and keeps the pool water palatable by blocking dust and debris. It also protects the pool in the cold season, so you do not have to drain it.

Fire Features

Does the evening chill curtail your poolside experience? You should add a fire feature to keep people warm when they need to extend their time when the evenings are chilly. Fire features have become very desirable features for luxury pools because they extend the outdoor living experience.

A movable fire bowl offers a flexible source of warmth, allowing you to sit wherever you want by the poolside. Fire pits are dug into the ground and are ideal when you have a wide poolside to set permanent seats.

Pool Slide

Pool slides are highly desirable for luxury pools for families with children because kids find them highly attractive. You can also set up big pools to allow adults to take part in the fun. A pool with a complementary design and colors instantly catches a person's eye and pulls kids in like a magnet.

Swim-Up Bars

A swim-up is an island with seats set in the pool and a platform that allows swimmers to relax, enjoying a drink or snacks for the perfect luxury experience. It works very well when coupled with creative lighting.

Are you looking for the perfect home improvement idea? Talk to a pool contractor to explore ideas for luxury pools and desirable features.