Four Common Types Of Swimming Pool Repairs

17 June 2021
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Having a swimming pool in your home is convenient, as you can take a dip whenever you want for fun and exercise. Besides, you can hold pool events and have a good time with family and friends. However, you need to maintain your pool frequently to maintain aesthetics, safety, and increase your pool's longevity. And maintenance involves repairing the damages that your pool may have. Here are different types of swimming pool repairs.

1. Crack Repair

Cracking is a common swimming pool problem, especially for inground pools. Cracks usually form due to erratic weather effects on the concrete. When it rains, water may seep through the concrete and freeze during the cold season. The water then melts during warm weather. And this contraction and expansion of the water lead to crack formation. The cracks can be unsightly and also pose injury risks if they appear on the pool deck. That's because pool users can easily trip and fall, causing slip and fall injuries such as twisted ankles and broken fingers. Crack repair entails filling the cracks with concrete or resurfacing.

2. Pump Repair

Typically, the swimming pool pump helps supply sufficient water into the pool and flush the used water out. The pump usually works for a long time and has several moving parts that are susceptible to damage. And if the pump isn't working, the quality of your pool water can deteriorate. Therefore, there's a need to inspect the pump to determine the exact problem. If there are some missing or broken parts, swimming pool repair, in this case, would entail fixing or replacing these parts.

3. Filters Repair

Swimming pool filters help eliminate impurities in the water. Over time, the filters may block or malfunction. If that's the case, you need to repair the filters. The process usually entails deep cleaning of the filters that can include pressure cleaning. Additionally, you may need to replace the cartridges if they get damaged. Repair of these parts can be complicated, and you should involve pool repair experts as they have the expertise, experience, and tools to perform quality repairs.

4. Pool Lighting Repair

Swimming pool lights make your pool look attractive and provide sufficient lighting, allowing you to swim even in the dark. The repair can be as simple as replacing burnt bulbs. Sometimes, the problem could be more severe, causing issues with the wiring. Hence, you may need to do rewiring to fix the lighting issues.

Swimming pool repair entails crack, pump, filter, and lighting repair. Consider involving a repair company in these repairs for quality repairs, like All-American Pools.