Inground Pool Liner Renovation Options To Prevent Problems This Summer

6 May 2021
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Vinyl pools are a popular inground solution because they are affordable and relatively easy to maintain. The vinyl liners also have the advantage of being less vulnerable to problems like algae. The downside is that liners eventually wear and need repairs, restorations, or replacement. Therefore, you want to decide what to do with your pool liner when it starts to age. The following inground pool liner renovation options will help you choose the best solutions:

Restoring Pool Deck

The first improvement to consider when renovating your pool is restoring the pool deck surfacing. This is important because it is what secures the coping, and the pool plumbing may be buried beneath it. When the decking materials have been removed, excavation work can be done in areas where plumbing repairs need to be made. These repairs can include replacing damaged pipes and fittings that have been causing problems.  

Upgrading Pool Base

Several types of materials are used for the base of vinyl liners. These are the materials that are used to make the bottom of your pool. When doing restorations to your pool liner, you may want to upgrade the base materials — especially if you have a sand bottom pool. There are options like grout that can provide a firmer base and prevent many of the common problems associated with material like sand.

Installing New Coping

There are also options to install new coping, which is the edges around your pool. With a vinyl pool, the coping is also what holds the liner in place. Therefore, the old coping has to be carefully removed and the new materials installed at the same time. This is a good time to consider custom coping to improve the design of your pool before the renovations are completed.

Renovating or Replacing Liners

The last step in the process of renovations is to restore the liner. If the liner is relatively new, you may be able to have it repaired and reuse it. If you want to update the design and look of your pool, it is usually better to have the pool measured and install a new liner. If you use a new liner, you may want to use a thicker vinyl material. The thicker materials are more durable and also give you options like embossed liners for a custom pool design.

The restoration of your liner and other materials around your pool can help you get ready for summer without problems. Contact an inground pool liner renovation service to start renovating your pool before opening.