Three Big Problems With A Leaking Pool

10 March 2021
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Your swimming pool will offer you a lot of great things, like a fun way to keep cool in the summer, a great way to exercise and improve your health, and a built-in place where you can throw great parties and get-togethers. However, it also requires the proper maintenance to make sure it gives you a healthy swimming environment and that it stays in good condition for many years to come. Along with having the pool regularly cleaned and making sure the water has the right balance of chemicals, you also want to stay diligent when it comes to spotting problems that need to be fixed. Some concerns you need to make sure you are always on alert for are leaks. While there are many reasons why leaks in a pool are bad, here are just three of them: 

The water will be hard to keep at the correct chemical reading

When you have a leak in your pool and the water is leaving it on a constant basis, then you are going to have a very hard time keeping the water properly maintained when it comes to having the right balance of chemicals in it. As the treated water continues to leak out of the pool and you have to replace it with more freshwater, the chemical balance will be off and you will need to add more chemicals to bring it to the right reading. Then, that water will continue to leak out and you will have to go through this process again, and so on. Fixing the leak will therefore keep the water in and help keep the pool at the right chemical balance longer. 

The nearby structures and shrubbery will be at risk

When you have a leak in the pool that is causing water to continuously leak out, then this can cause a lot of issues for anything that's in the path of the water. Any shrubs that are in the vicinity can end up being drowned because they are constantly being exposed to far too much water. Also, as the soil that the water leaks into swells, structures that are close to the pool will be at risk of damage. In fact, even the decking can be at risk. The swelling ground will cause the decking or any nearby foundation to be put under too much stress, and this can cause cracking and disfigurement that can lead to expensive repairs. 

The water bill can go up by a large amount

As the water continues to leak from the pool and needs to be replaced, you can see an increase in the amount you pay for water each month. The amount that the bill goes up will depend on the size of the leak, the amount of water leaking out, and the amount of water that you are needing to put back into the pool.

Contact a pool leak detection service if you suspect you have a leak in your pool.