Repair Tips For When Your Pool Filter Isn't Returning Water Properly

23 September 2020
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Your pool pump pulls in water and moves it to the filter in order to be cleaned. When the filter is done cleaning the water, it then returns the water back to your pool. If the water being returned to your pool doesn't have a lot of pressure, it may be a problem with your filter. If your filter is not working properly, it needs to be repaired in order for your filter to clean your water properly. Read on for helpful tips on how to troubleshoot and repair your pool filter.

Check The Water Level

The water level in your pool is going to make a difference in water pressure. If there isn't enough water in the pool, not enough water will be running into the pump, which means less water will be going into the filter as well. If the water level goes down even further, you could blow up your pump and filter as well. Add water to your pool to allow more and more water to be pulled into the pump/filter and then expelled out properly as well.

Adjust The Return Opening

Make any necessary adjustments to the return valve opening. If the return opening is blocked in some way, it could hinder the water coming out of it. Make any necessary adjustments to the opening of the return, and make sure the opening is turned the correct way in order to get the water to come out properly. If it's an eyeball return, you can move the eyeball around. If you don't have anything in the opening, try using a piece of PVC pipe to help the water to return and circulate properly around your pool.

Replace The Filter

If you don't have the right size filter for your pool, it may not be returning enough water to the pool, or it could be returning it with too much pressure. Either way, the filter should be replaced with one that is the proper size for your swimming pool. Consult a pool supply company about what size pool filter you should be using for your swimming pool. Then have the filter replaced with one that is the right size.

If you don't have enough water being run through your filter and returned to your pool, it could affect how clean your pool water is. Talk to a pool repair and maintenance company about the issues you are having with your pool filter, and have this issue repaired in order to get your pool working properly.