How To Fix Swimming Pool Lights

18 February 2015
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Of the different problems that can occur with your swimming pool, the lights are one of the least serious. While it isn't something that needs to be fixed immediately, it does help to have the lights working. If you are someone who likes to swim after the sun goes down, you definitely want to have pool lights that are working properly! Here are some tips for getting those swimming pool lights fixed:

Keep Your Safety in Mind

The first step to fixing swimming pool lights is to remember the proper safety precautions. You never want to mess around with water and electricity. Never try to remove or put in new pool lights without first turning off the power at your circuit breaker. Make sure the power is turned off by turning on the switch for the pool lights and making sure they don't come on.

Once you know the power is off, you will be able to continue fixing them. It helps to work on the repairs during the day so you can see properly without power being on. You should also have the pool light switch in the off mode and turn off the GFCI.

Remove the Lighting Fixture

After you know all power sources are turned off, it is safe to remove the lighting fixture. At this point, you probably don't know the actual source of the problem, so the best thing to do is pull out the lighting fixture so you can investigate it further.

To do this, use a pilot screw to remove screws holding in the fixture. Most of these screws will be shaped like a "+" so you need a Philips-head screwdriver. Loosen the screws, then pull the fixture out and onto the pool deck.

Open the Light Fixture

There are two main types of lighting fixtures used in swimming pools: one with a screw and band clamp, and one with multiple screws. Figure out what type you have so you can open up the fixture. Remove any clamps or screws you find and pry it open. Be very careful when opening the fixture so you don't break the glass or the bulb inside.

If you notice water inside the lighting fixture when you open it, this is probably your problem. Water got into the fixture and was tripping the GFCI, which causes the light to go out. You can use a hairdryer to dry it out, or simply wipe it down with a dry towel.

When drying out the inside of the fixture, make sure you carefully remove the lightbulb. After drying the fixture, put in a brand new lightbulb while you have the fixture open. Replacing the lightbulb also lets you check if t was simply a burned-out bulb that was the problem.

Reassemble the Lighting Fixture

Once you have changed the lightbulb and removed the water, you can reassemble it. Put on the clamps and insert the screws, then place the fixture back into the swimming pool where you found it. Secure it with your screwdriver, and turn the power back on. If the light is still not working, it is time to call an electrician.

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