Concrete Pool Surface Issues? Info For Homeowners Who Are New To Pool Management

7 August 2019
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In-ground pools can provide a beautiful oasis for summer relaxation, as well as add value and interest to the home it graces. If, however, the pool is an older one with a concrete surface for the interior of the pool, the apron or both, surface issues can develop that make it less comfortable to enjoy and less appealing to view.

If you are a new homeowner who is dealing with ugly concrete pool surfaces, this helpful information can provide the answers you need to help you remedy the situation and restore your pool to its former glory. 

Craze and structural cracks

While any type of crack in the surface of the pool or the apron is always a concern, structural cracking can result in leaks and failure that can render a swimming pool unusable. Most structural cracks develop from issues with the way in which the pool was originally designed or installed, but can also be a problem in areas with expansive soil issues or those prone to earthquakes or tremors. 

A less serious, but still disconcerting form of cracking is called craze cracks. These fine cracks are very shallow in depth and less capable of causing a leak than structural cracks. They can, however, be uncomfortable to walk on and can also worsen over time.  

Common solutions for both types of cracking often include repairing the cracked areas and then resurfacing and sealing the entire pool to prevent further issues and restore a smooth attractive surface. 


Concrete surfaces that were too moist or those that received too much troweling during the original application process may experience flaking or peeling in thin layers as the pool ages.

These areas of damage, often located on the bottom of the pool, are known in the industry as spalls or spalling. If noticed when the flaking area is still small, spalls can often be remedied by draining the pool, sanding away the damaged concrete surface, and then reapplying a layer of new concrete to the affected areas. Once the repair has been made, the entire surface of the pool can be repainted and sealed to cover signs of the repair and offer a more comfortable, attractive  surface. 

Dealing with any pool problem, especially surface issues that limit the way in which the pool is enjoyed, can be difficult for homeowners to deal with. Taking time to discuss the situation with a reputable pool repair and resurfacing contractor is the best way to determine a viable repair strategy and restore the condition of your concrete pool. 

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