Create A Unique Atmosphere With A Custom Designed Residential Pool

24 August 2016
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A custom pool is an attractive asset for any residence. With a little ingenuity and creativity, you can have a pool that mimics the natural swimming features of an exotic location and creates an island paradise in your yard. Here are some ways that you can customize your pool to create a unique atmosphere for all who swim there: 

  • Natural Freeform Pool - Your residential pool does not have to be in the shape of a blue rectangle with a diving board at one end. You can customize the shape and design of your pool to create a freeform pool that fits perfectly in your yard. A freeform pool can be closely surrounded by growing plants and flower beds as well as custom-made rock cliffs and ledges. All of these natural elements can frame your pool and enhance the look and atmosphere. 
  • Creative Tiling - The interior surface of a pool can be uniquely tiled in different colors and shapes to add color and imagery to the bottom and sides of your pool. Different tile colors can gradate in hue from the shallow end to the deep end of the pool to give the pool water an overall shimmering look. Tiles can also be installed in interesting shapes such as fish, mermaids, sea creatures, and vegetation to create an undersea scene at the bottom of the pool. The variations in tile colors can be subtle or bright and give your pool another dimension when lit with pool lights at night. 
  • Waterfalls and Misting System - Your pool can be enhanced with the addition of one or more waterfalls that splash into the pool from different points. Waterfalls are also a great way to keep the water in the pool aerated and clean because they are constantly recirculating. A misting system can also be added near the waterfalls to create clouds of fine mist that keep the surrounding area moist. These features work well in a location that does not get much rainfall. 
  • Beach Entry - This is an unusual feature that can be very useful for a variety of situations. A beach entry is a large shelf at one end of your pool that is about 6 - 8 inches beneath the surface of the water. The shelf covers a sizable area of the pool, extends out into the deep end, and creates a shallow area that is a perfect playground for young children. A child can easily wade in the shallow water and even sit on the shelf and learn about being in a swimming pool. Adults can put chaise lounges on the shelf and sunbathe while being surrounded by shallow water. Elderly people can safely enjoy the pool when they are on the shelf without having to know how to swim or tread water. 

For more information, contact Contemporary Pools Inc or a similar company.