Choosing The Best Pool Tile Color For You

6 February 2016
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When it comes to installing a pool, you need to make sure you carefully choose the right tile color or hue. There are multiple colors available and they can help guide you towards creating an exciting and fun pool environment for you and your children.

Picking The Best Hue 

The myriad colors of pool tile hues available on the market help make it easier for you to choose a style that works for your needs. Among the most popular swimming pool tile hues (and the effects they create) include:

  • White – White tiles are perfect for shallower pools because they create a crystal-clear look that makes it easier to see to the bottom. They are also a useful way to keep your pool a little cooler, as white will absorb less heat than darker tiles.

  • Green – To create a salt-water ambiance, green pool tiles are perfect. This makes them a particularly good choice for people who live near the ocean or who have utilized sand-colored tiles on the outside of the pool.

  • Blue – Emulate a lake or pond style with blue pool tiles. The best shade of blue will vary depending on the depth of your pool: the deeper your pool, the darker your tiles should be.

  • Tan – Tan or brown colored pool tiles create a "sandy bottom" effect that is popular with a wide range of pool buyers. The more natural effect it creates makes it useful for those who want to create a natural pool environment.

  • Black – The darkest of all swimming pool tiles creates a "mysterious" effect, one that simulates the look of the deepest lakes or oceans. It also helps increase the heat of your pool, as it will have the opposite effect of white tiles.

Picking Furnishings

After you have chosen the right tile hue for your pool design, it's important to take a few moments to choose pool furniture that and decorations that will fit in with your design. For example, if you are emulating a more natural style (via a tan sandy bottom style), you should include artificial palm trees around your pool. This creates a relaxing and natural effect.

Likewise, if you have a deep blue pool (that looks like a deep lake), it might be fun to create a "camping" atmosphere. Hang fishing poles up around the pool (though leave the hooks in the house!) and include fish tiles on the floor of the pool to emulate a lake. With this simple guide, it should be easy for you to create an engaging pool style that will be the envy of all your friends. Contact a company like Guaranteed Pool Service & Repair for more information.