Inexpensive Ideas For Renovating Your Pool

19 February 2015
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Pools are expensive to install and maintain, but giving your pool a new look doesn't have to be so pricey. A swimming pool renovation can include everything from your pool itself to the surrounding area, so there's plenty you can play with, and you can achieve a drastically different look without having to tear anything out or start fresh.

Change the Plaster

Many pools come with a basic white plaster for a surface finish. It's smooth and inexpensive, and as a result, is pretty common. Over time, however, it may get a little discolored and cracks can start to form. This is a normal part of being exposed to the water for so long, but getting this plaster redone or replaced is a great place to start and can have a huge impact on the way your pool looks.

Instead of simply going for the same look, you can get colored plaster instead. Light blues are a popular choice because of the way they make the water look. Alternatively, you can choose from various aggregate products for your surface finish. These offer some impressive visual effects, and are also more sturdy than the standard plaster. If you find yourself needing to refinish your pool anyway, start looking for a special finish.

Install A Light System

Lights work as decoration in all sorts of places, and your pool is no exception. While you can add all sorts of lights to the area around your pool, consider putting some LEDs underwater as well. LEDs are inexpensive to run and can make for a very cool evening swim experience.

Plants and Water Features

Your pool isn't just water and concrete. The aesthetic of the surrounding area can make a big difference -- especially so if your current setup is lacking in some natural green decor. Don't be afraid to remove some of the current concrete deck to make room; you won't have to pay to replace it all. If you don't feel like managing a bunch of new plants, opt for some fake ones. You can also put some decorative lights within the plants for greater effect.

Water features are another option, and aren't as expensive as you might think. You can add a rock waterfall or an in-pool bar, for example, and because many of these rest on top of your current setup, you don't have to pay for massive changes.

Change the Deck

A simple concrete deck can be changed, and you don't even need to tear up the original; instead of tearing up the old concrete and laying down new material, you can get a concrete overlay put down on top of your existing deck. This lets you choose a new design for one of the most visible parts of your pool setup and takes a big chunk off the total price.Take this time to look for custom stone designs, tile or anything else that will fit.