Lifeguard Jobs: A Fun Seasonal Opportunity -- And Perhaps A Long-Term Career

18 February 2015
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Working as a lifeguard is a rewarding way to earn some money during a seasonal job or to have a part-time source of income year-round. Because the pay isn't very high for most positions and competition is stiff for full-time permanent jobs, people generally don't pursue lifeguarding as a long-term full-time occupation. Nevertheless, you can have a fun time being out in sunshine and fresh air or keeping your eye on swimmers in an indoor pool, all while generating some cash doing something enjoyable.

You may even discover you love the work so much that you'll put forth the effort to make this your career. 


To become a lifeguard, you'll need certification from an organization such as the YMCA or the Red Cross after completing training. The certification verifies a certain level of swimming expertise along with mastery of skills to include surveillance of people in the water, rescue strategies, victim assessment and caring for injured persons. 

First aid and CPR certifications are typically included with the lifeguard certification as a total package, as you'll need those additional credentials to apply for jobs. 

Average Pay

As a part-time or seasonal worker, you can expect your pay to be somewhere in the range of $8 to $11 per hour for positions at camps and lodges, hotels, amusement parks, RV parks and municipal swimming pools.  

Higher-Paying Opportunities

Once you get some experience, you might apply for more lucrative seasonal opportunities. These jobs are available at places such as private summer schools, country clubs and high-end hotels. A limited number of camps run by organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America also pay their seasonal lifeguards very well, especially if you qualify to become a supervisor or director. 

You Might Just Make It a Career After All

If you truly love lifeguarding, you may decide to go for the brass ring and make this your long-term career. Expect a great deal of competition for full-time year-round positions, but also expect a reasonable salary along with benefits such as health insurance and paid vacation time.

For the best-paying jobs, apply at places such as upscale resorts in warm climates, athletic clubs, casinos, private swimming schools and public beaches in wealthy communities.

Becoming a head lifeguard or aquatics director at any of these locations can bring you a very satisfying income as well as a truly fun job that most people only dream of. 

For more information, contact Aquatic Management or a similar company.