Give Your Above Ground Pool Area A More Permanent Look

18 February 2015
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If you want to have a new pool installed for your home, an above ground pool is an affordable option. It can also be easier to do the maintenance and repairs to your pool when it is not beneath the grade, but you may want to give your pool area more of a permanent look. This can be done by adding a finish around the edges, such as a stone veneer, and by doing things you would do for a below ground pool. Here are four ideas to give your above ground pool a different look:

1. Finishes For Any Exposed Faces Of Your Pool

Many above ground pools have a simple metal skirt that protects the liner. You can also choose other materials such as wood to make your pool look better where there are exposed faces. If you want it to be less obvious that your pool is an above ground model, you can also use exterior home veneers. If you choose to use a veneer, you may want to leave enough space between the pool and the veneer to be able to get to the pool to do any repairs.

2. Blending In Pool Decks And Landscaping With Your Pool

A common feature that people add to above ground pools is a wooden deck. You can have a simple deck added to your pool area, which with a good design can also blend in with the landscaping. You may want to consider a tiered design that gradually goes from the pool level to the ground level and other areas of your home. At the edges, you can use planters with plants similar to those in your landscaping to blend the pool deck areas with the landscaping around your home.

3. Adding A Recessed Hot Tub To The Pool Area

A hot tub can be a great addition to an above ground pool, and with the deck, you will have the perfect place to recess a hot tub. Tub will need to have support for the weight, which you can use a tiered deck design and a concrete pad to set the hot tub on. It will give you a place to relax and enjoy all year, which you may also want to consider a small type of enclosure to add to this area, which will allow you to enjoy the hot tub even when the pool is not in use.

4. Small Pool Bar Area And BBQ For The Pool Deck

If you want to have a bar and BBQ area for your pool, you can get prefabricated buildings to place on the deck and not worry too much about extra loads. For the barbeque area, you may want to have a separate brick structure connected to the pool deck to give you an area for cooking. The bar area can be placed beside the cooking area to give you a complete pool area to be able to entertain your guests.

These are some things you can do to change the look of your above ground pool. If you want to have a new pool installed for your home, contact above ground pool contractors and ask them about some of the other features you can have for your pool. Talk to people like All-American Pools & Spa for more information.